The Fish Doctors of Ypsilanti


Fish Doctors of Ypsilanti

The original Fish Doctors Store!

The Ypsilanti Fish Doctors Store has 1250 gallons of Fish dedicated saltwater systems, comprised of 8 three tier "bio-units" as well as regular tanks.  They Have 2 -380 gallon reef tanks with refugium sumps, and two 260 gallon systems dedicated to invertebrates.  They have a five section live rock curing system, so that different types of live rock can be seperated, and degrees of 'curedness" are apparent.

The Freshwater section has 7-140 gallon bio units for a total of 1000 gallons.  In addition, there are 3 display tanks of 310 gallons.  Feeder fish systems are overfiltered ,well maintained, and pretreated for healthy quality and peace of mind.

A seasonal display is installed in the middle of the lower level, which is either a 150 gallon pond for spring and summer, or some type of unusual fish display, or sale fish.

The store is divided into two levels, the top floor dedicated to dry goods and aquarium combo's, the lower level dedicated to live aquatics.  1800 square feet of aquatic bliss!

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Fish Doctors of Ypsilanti
2703 Washtenaw Ave.
Ypsilanti, MI 48198



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